• Collaborative entertainment featuring people, mobility and images
  • A glimpse of life in a future mobility society
  • Visitors can enjoy a drink of water served by the Toyota Micro Palette and the fun of a ride on the e-broom

Toyota is hosting a “mobility theme park” at its booth at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, which opens to the public today (24 October).

On their journey through the stand, visitors will experience the fun of mobility and some of the possibilities Toyota believes it and others will be offering in the future. Along the way, they can collect points to exchange for gifts at a futuristic Toyota Convenience Store at the exit.

At the show, Toyota is proposing a future that centres on people, where “much-loved cars” are fun to drive and mobility solutions are available to meet each customer’s needs.

At the entrance, people of the future provide a welcome and issue residence cards. The characters include a T-HR3 humanoid robot, which offers games of rock-paper-scissors, and HSR, a robot that can recognise, take hold of and transport objects.

Future Stage

The future stage hosts an entertainment show and future mobility experiences. The Toyota Micro Palette makes its debut, a small delivery robot that can deliver not just items to a friend or loved-one, but also the sentiments that go with them, suggesting future distribution methods that include an emotional dimension.

The show also features e-Palette as part of the entertainment, showing how a mobility service can help bring people together. Not just physical transport, e-Palette provides a space where people can enjoy hobbies and is a way of bringing stores and services to customers.

The Toyota e-Racer vehicle represents the fun-to-drive qualities of future mobility, Visitors can experience a virtual fitting for a personalised race suit and enjoy a drive on the race circuit of their choice, wearing a pair of special digital glasses.

Does the e-broom actually fly through the air? Modelled on a traditional witch’s broom, this slimline device is a mobility platform that integrates people and machines so users can enjoy another kind of mobility,

Toyota e-4me features in another live performance, a single-seat mobility service with a touch of luxury. This single-seat mobility platform lets passengers enjoy different services while en route to their destination, without having to worry about other people.

Future Square

Future Square is a space where visitors can experience the future by seeing, touching and riding a series of vehicles.

The Toyota e-Trans is designed for a ride-and-share service, carrying people in comfort and also numerous different goods.

The Toyota e-Chargeair is another ride-sharing mobility service, equipped with a system that can charge other battery electric vehicles while on the move. It can supply electricity not only to cars, but also to the city itself, and it comes equipped with functions such an air purifier and Wi-Fi.

Medical check-ups on the move are made possible in the Toyota e-Care, in which passengers can talk to a doctor and undergo an examination while on their way to hospital. The vehicle can be directed to where it’s needed – a person’s home or other destinations. At the show, visitors on board can play a facial version of the rock-paper-scissors game.

Toyota Convenience Store

As they exit the display, visitors can exchange points they have collected along the way for novelty gift items in the Toyota Convenience Store.

The 46th Tokyo Motor Show continues at Tokyo’s Big Sight exhibition centre until 4 November.